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Open Gym
Fridays 5-8pm

This unstructured experience is for school aged children ages 5-18 interested in learning or practicing tumbling, parkour skills or sports specific skills in a safe environment.  Some kids use it as a fun and safe place to hang out with friends outside of school.  We do not require a guardian on site as we provide coaches to supervise open gym sessions. Open gym does not allow access to the fitness center or free weights. Snack bar available for extra fee.

Open Gym is $15 for a day pass.  No Startup Fee required.  Participants must have an active family account and waivers on file.   

Toddler open gym is offered for parents to bring their toddlers for uninstructed free play for $10 (one parent and one child).  See schedule for times.  

Kids in Bouncy Castle
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