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ages 5 and up

This after school program runs every Monday and Wednesday for only $100 per month (or $15 per day) which includes four weeks of instruction.  2 hours of activities including basketball fundamental skills training with our amazing and experienced basketball coach Chris Johnson, owner of West Coast Advantage Basketball.  Your child can also take advantage of our homework room and study hall service.  

Skill and Technique training will consist of isolated technical work and in game connection.  Skill training will be in blocked sections, transitioned into mixed skill development, to develop decision making, and in game perception. 

  • Active stretching and mobility training. Player will learn how to properly warm up and stretch prior to conducting skill training

  • Ball handling basics- focuses on players practicing ball control with both hands.  Then transitions into full court ball handling exercises into passing shooting.

  • Passing Basics- focuses on players learning different passing methods from a stationary position.  Then transitions into full court pass drills incorporating, communications, dribbling and shooting

  • Layup finishing series- focuses on learning the correct footwork into lay ups from various court position incorporating ball handling basics and building confidence with both hands.

  • Defense basics- focuses on defensive position and techniques to stay in front of your man, how to recover when you get beat and how to block out.

  • Player Ball out burn out- completes our training session with stationary ball handling, strength, conditioning and jumping exercises. 

Performance Based Skill and Technique Escalation;

  • Each week players will continue to be challenged while focusing on building from the previous week’s lesson.  Each player skills set will expand and lead into new drills with higher degree of difficulty and increased opportunity for in game usage.

Skill and Technique Learning Outcome;

  • Players will finish the four week skill session with a strong fundamental skill set.  Players will have learned drills that can be practiced from home.  Players will become students of the game learning how to think, respond and compete. 

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