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Young Gymnast

Tumbling and Gymnastics

Flip City Gymnastics Classes at The Farm

Beginning Tumbling (Ages 5 & up)

Beginning Tumbling is for dancers, cheerleaders or boys and girls who just want to learn to tumble for fun! This class works only on the floor and the trampoline. Skills such as cartwheels, round offs, bridges, back bend kick overs and back handsprings are the focus in this class.

Intermediate Tumbling (Ages 8 & up)

(Prerequisite skills - Strong round off, bridge kick over, back handspring with a light spot.)

This class is for tumblers and martial artists ready to learn round off back handspring , back handspring series, front handspring, aerial and tucks.

Level 1 Gymnastics (Ages 5 & up)

This class is for girls 5 years of age and older. Level 1 is the first level of USA gymnastics recreational program. Gymnasts in this class will learn the Level 1 skills and routines on each apparatus (vault, bars, balance beam, floor).

Level 2/3 Gymnastics (Ages 5 & up)

Level 2 is an intermediate class for girls ages 5 years and older. Gymnasts will learn level 2 and 3 skills such as headstand, handstand, bridge kick-over, and many other skills on the four events (vault, bars, balance beam, floor).  **You must test into this class or graduate from level 1. 

Tumblebees (Ages 2-4)

This beginning class is designed to teach kids ages 2-4 the basic gymnastic body positions and prepare children for level 1 skills. Development of strength and flexibility are also important components in this class.

Toddler Open Gym

This unstructured experience is for children 12 months to 3 years old. Parents participate by leading their child through the facility where they are able to use our mats, toys and trampolines, under the supervision of a preschool gymnastics instructor. Music and items such as balls, ribbons, and scarves can be used to facilitate instruction. The emphasis of this is on building coordination and safely and comfortably introducing your child to a gym atmosphere and encourage fine motor development.​

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