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Muay Thai &


Ages 8 & Up 

Muay Thai "The Art of 8 Limbs".  Muay Thai or Thai boxing, is a form of martial art that focuses on all aspects of the body.  Not only is Muay Thai highly effective for self-defense, it is an ultimate cardio workout.  It is designed to promote a level of fitness along with improving strength, dexterity, and cardiovascular performance.  Muay Thai build confidence and mental toughness, teaching the student control over mind, body and spirit.  Students do spar in a controlled environment but sparing is not mandatory.

*Handwraps and boxing gloves are required for this class*


TUESDAYS 7:30-8:00PM Mo $40/MONTH 


TUESDAYS ages 8-15 6:30-7:30pm Mo

 TUESDAYS ages 16 & up 7:30-8:30pm Mo

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